Ice Prevention

Why You Should Be Concerned With Ice Prevention

Ice prevention is a proactive approach to concrete and parking lot safety. Research has proven when pavement owners apply liquid anti-icing treatments to their pavements as part of a proactive attack before the winter storms arrives, there is a significant reduction in the effort (and cost) to keep roads, highways and parking areas clear. In short, an ounce of prevention saves a ton of money later!

Ice Prevention Clients We Serve

Cold weather doesn't have to put your businesses on hold. We work with large-scale clients who manage multiple property locations. And you can count on us to keep each one safe, accessible, and welcoming - no matter how much snow and ice you have.

4 Reasons To Consider Ice Prevention


Ice prevention is proactive. You don’t wait until after winter storms deliver a major problem for your commercial properties or business. Our ice prevention solutions attack the problem before there is a problem!


Ice prevention reduces costs. Less chemicals, less operator overtime, less clean-up costs in the spring, less wear and tear on equipment all mean lower surprise hits to your budget and bottom line!


Insurance companies, municipalities, and state agencies show a dramatic reduction in claims for loss of life, limb and property damage when proactive ice prevention methods are used.


It is environmentally friendly. Have you spent significant money on your landscaping? Worry not, your delicate landscaping, trees, and shrubs are not impacted by our ice prevention methods.

How Ice Prevention Works

How Ice Prevention Works

Anti-icing is the newest snow / ice control practice and involves preventing the formation of bonded snow and ice by timely applications of chemical freeze-point depressants. Relatively small amounts of a liquid chemical applied before or immediately at the start of precipitation. This strategy either eliminates the need for further action or reduces the task of clearing roadways, parking lots and side walks to bare pavement conditions. At the same time, it requires smaller chemical amounts than would be required under conventional deicing practices. As a result, anti-icing is quickly becoming a vital strategy for many end users.

Pedestrian Location Ice Prevention

During winter weather events, ECO Technologies clears snow and de-ices hundreds of pedestrian locations. Our proprietary solution is applied to concrete and sidewalks BEFORE snow or ice falls.

Watch Ice & Snow Melt!

Our proprietary solution prevents the frozen moisture from sticking to the concrete and will melt up to the first half inch of accumulation and is effective -26 degrees.

Even More Protection

Any accumulation is greater than 1/2 inch can simply be cleared using a plastic snow shovel, since the snow and ice has not frozen to the concrete. In Virginia, ECO Technologies services the Greyhound, Hampton Roads Transit, & Amtrak locations to prevent slip and fall injuries in their pedestrian areas.

ECO Technologies would apply a product that attracts moisture from the air and its surroundings and goes into a solution quickly as it attempts to return to, or remain in, its natural liquid state. Generally, anti-icing techniques are more efficient than deicing, because it requires far less energy to prevent a bond from forming than to break it. Think of holding two magnets close together but not joined. It takes little energy to keep them apart. But once the magnets are linked "like ice bonded to the pavement " it takes a lot of energy to break them apart. And so it is with anti-icing versus deicing techniques. Less chemical is required to prevent the bond than to break it.

Watch Our Ice Prevention In Action!

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