How ECO-Technologies Is Different

True Environmentally Conscience Cleaning

ECO Technologies is a very different Pressure Washing Company.  The Virginia coastline has a delicate eco-system.  We respect that.  We have gone thru much training, equipment upgrades and time-consuming techniques to ensure that our professional pressure washing causes no harm to the environment.

The Eco Technologies Difference

All the concrete cleaning is accomplished under the machine and the waste water is vacuumed up at the rear. All waste water recovered is then processed through our TENNANT® waste water treatment system.

ECO Technologies offers specialized pressure washing that is environmentally safe, and convenient for your home, business & customers.  We always employ booms over storm drains, and processes and cleans all recovered waste water before disposal.

ECO Technologies boasts some of the largest commercial pressure washing rigs in the states!

Even though we primarily service Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, DC & Maryland, ECO Technologies is insured nationwide.

Our crews clean up to 300 locations each day! From cleaning glass at locally owned establishments, to removing trash, de-icing, cleaning warehouses, parking lots and ship hulls – our team has the resources to take care of your needs.

ECO Technologies has experience cleaning train engine compartments, airport runways, cargo shipping piers and military facilities.

Over the next 5 years, you may see the ECO Technologies team cleaning all the major highway tunnels in Virginia!

ECO Technologies vs. The Competition