Warehouse Cleaning

The cleaning of a warehouse or industrial building comes with many unique challenges. Dirt is typically heavy duty, compacted and almost always surrounded by sensitive equipment, machinery or inventory. The sheer size of many warehouse and industrial buildings also present special safety and logistical considerations for both the cleaning contractor and the client company. Simply put, warehouse & industrial cleaning is not a service that every company can provide, let alone excel at.

A Special Company For Specialized Service

Over the years Eco-Technologies has evolved to meet the needs of enterprise-class customers. We approach each contract as a partnership between our customers and ourselves. We have the ability to adjust our methods and strategy as the customer’s needs change. If you have large-scale cleaning needs and multiple locations, our team is here to serve you.

We specialize in commercial and industrial applications that require specific site solutions to overcome years of neglect. With our advanced high-speed commercial grade cleaning equipment and eco friendly chemical solutions, we effectively deliver general purpose pressure washing, building & complex maintenance, heavy industrial surface cleaning, and much more.

Environmental Protection - Our Name & Our Business

When you work with Eco-Technologies you can rest easy knowing that your site is in compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Our site assessments evaluate every detail of your job to ensure proper methods and equipment are used for compliance. We own specialized equipment and constantly train our employees to maintain compliance and do so in a manner that minimizes any cost and inconvenience to our customers.

Our Warehouse Cleaning Process

With warehouse or industrial cleaning, no two projects are exactly the same and the approach to cleaning them shouldn’t be the same either. What follows are the general steps that we take in before, during and after the cleaning of your warehouse or industrial building.

Site Assessment

At the outset of each project, Eco Technologies will perform a comprehensive site assessment. During the assessment zones or work areas will be determined in accordance with their specific cleaning requirements and restrictions (if any). The assessment will also help us to determine the best, most cost-effective cleaning methods and procedures (chemicals, water temperatures & equipment and safety procedures). During the assessment, consideration is given to things such as:

  • Age and condition of the warehouse or industrial building
  • Customer Expectations
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Eco-friendly deployment

Zone 1 - The Ceiling

Cleaning happens from the top down so we start your warehouse or industrial building cleaning project at the top, Zone 1 as we call it, which includes:

  • The Ceiling and supporting structures
  • Rafters
  • Outside and/or inside ductwork
  • Lighting
  • Conduit
  • Piping
  • Beams

Utilizing a combination of scissor and articulated lifts, along with scaffolding and ladders Eco Technologies cleans these areas using a variety of equipment such as Critical Area backpack vacuums, commercial high-powered HEPA-filtered vacuums, lower pressure heated pressure washing, and even good old fashioned hand wiping.

Zone 2 - Walls

Moving away from the highest points, your warehouse or industrial building cleaning project now proceeds to zone 2 which covers the majority of the walls of your building.

Utilizing a combination of scissor and articulating lifts, along with scaffolding, ladders and extension poles we effectively and efficiently clean; all interior wall surfaces, conduit, fixtures, motors, doors, and electrical panels.

Equipment used during this step can vary greatly but can sometimes include a heavy duty citrus degreaser, scrub and rinse brushes with flow-thru water capability and vacuum or waste water recovery booms.

Zone 3 - Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are generally wet scrubbed and the waste water recovered. Concrete floors can also be sprayed with a heavy-duty citrus degreaser, and power rinsed with a rotary high-pressure floor cleaner with hot water and on-board waste water recovery. This will also remove dirt from shallow holes and prepare the floor for sealing.

After all other cleaning has been completed, the floors will again be power scrubbed to ensure cleanliness.

We can also significantly reduce painted lines and ridges in the floor by Extreme High Pressure (40,000 PSI) water blasting.

Zone 4 - Existing Equipment

With the majority of your warehouse or industrial building cleaning project complete we turn our attention to the cleaning of your existing equipment currently in place.

This step can include areas such as: Racks, conveyor belts, assembly lines, and structures (such as mezzanines)

Other items on the floor Cleaning in this step is often accomplished using a combination of contact vacuuming (Brushes) with commercial high-powered HEPA-filtered vacuums and followed by hand wiping with a general purpose citrus cleaning towels or microfiber cleaning towels moistened with a heavy duty citrus degreaser.


Upon the completion of the warehouse or industrial building cleaning project, Eco Technologies will remove all debris and always leave your warehouse or industrial building in broom-clean condition.

Eco Technologies safely delivers our eco-friendly cleaning process with outstanding results. Our meticulous research, planning, and execution set us apart as industry leaders. Our customers have come to rely on the quality and reliability of our service and so will you!

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