Gas Station Pressure Washing

Eco Technologies offers a wide variety of specialized cleaning services for the Petroleum Industry as well as Gas Station Pressure Washing. We're proud to offer service to gas station franchises and chains. Customers can count on us to deliver results for all of their locational, and our services include:

  • Environmentally friendly gas station parking lot pressure washing & scrubbing
  • Drain cleaning & debris removal
  • Sidewalk and exterior pressure washing & steam cleaning
  • Canopy cleaning & pressure washing
  • Canopy light bulb replacement and lens cleaning
  • Major I.D. Sign cleaning


Our TENNANT® Model 7400 Cleaner/Scrubber provides superior cleaning with faster completion (up to 70,000 sq/ft. per hour) and minimal disruption to your customers. The picture below shows that high traffic areas around the pump island can be cleaned in seconds without closing off the island.


All the cleaning is accomplished under the machine and the waste water is vacuumed up at the rear. All waste water recovered is then processed through our EPA approved TENNANT® waste water treatment system.


Cleaning of sidewalks and other areas not accessible to the TENNANT® 7400 Cleaner/Scrubber is accomplished with a patented rotary steam pressure washer that minimizes any over-spray of water. Any very restricted areas or narrow corners will still be cleaned with a traditional pressure washer nozzle with the resulting over-spray, but these areas can usually be cleaned in minutes with minimal disruption.

We use flexible high pressure hoses to stake out your drain from the top of the canopy all the way to the surface of the ground.

This method of simply using water pressure to remove the debris helps ensure that the drain is not punctured or damaged.

We use a two step cleaning process to brighten and renew your gas station's canopy fascia.

The first step involves pressure washing of the surface.


The second step we hand wash the surface with a patented mild de-greaser and astringent. In the "Step 2" picture, both sides have been pressure washed.  The left side has also been hand washed using soft micro-fiber cloths and a patented mild degreaser and astringent.

We replace canopy light bulbs and clean the light reflector and lens inside and out for a bright shine at night.

Gas Station Pressure Washing

Often the cleanliness and condition of your pump islands is the first impression you make with a new customer. We guarantee we only use the correct cleaning chemicals for each part of the MPD.

Pump Island Cleaning

This will ensure we do not cause any scratching or fading of decals, fogging of display screens or hose breakdown.

  1. Clean and degrease pump; hoses, fittings & nozzles.
  2. Steam cleaning the raised area of the pump island and the curb. This requires that we temporarily close off one pump island at a time and protect the pump from water penetration.
  3. Retouch curb paint or total sanding and repainting of entire pump island curb.
  4. Pressure wash trash receptacles.

Pump Island Cleaning

Right side has been cleaned. When ever possible our personnel will briefly move the trash receptacles, or covers, away from customer areas for cleaning. This will minimize disruption of your business while they are being cleaned.

ECO Technologies offers specialized gas station pressure washing and gas station cleaning that is environmentally safe, and convenient for your customers. We proudly service gas stations throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, Delaware, and Tennessee.

We always employ booms over storm drains, and processes and cleans all recovered waste water before disposal.

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