Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Make an impact from the ground up with Eco Technologies. Our team delivers large-scale concrete cleaning solutions that safeguard the safety, accessibility, and curb appeal of your property. With our industrial-grade pressure washing services, the way is always clear.

We Lay The Groundwork For Property Successs

Concrete surfaces are pivotal to any property. They aren’t just a way to get from here to there, either; they’re a critical part of your curb appeal, and they determine the reputation of your property.

Eco Technologies delivers the solution you need. With our scalable concrete cleaning service, you can feel confident that every surface is getting the care it needs. Our tailored approach delivers superior quality with:

  • Industry grade pressure washing equipment equipment designed to deliver the deep clean your hardscapes need.
  • Hot water pressure washing can remove all buildup from your surfaces, from grease to chewing..
  • Advanced cleaning technology that can tackle even the most difficult cleaning projects, so you’re always getting consistent quality.
  • Dedicated technicians who come to your worksite with years of experience, professional accreditation, and complete coverage.

Superior Concrete Cleaning Solutions

Your property’s concrete surfaces should be functional. They should bring out the best curb appeal. And they should be prepared to serve you for the long run. Eco Technologies brings all of this to your hardscapes. We make large-scale pressure washing simple with:

  • Simple scheduling: Property maintenance shouldn’t put your operations on hold. That’s why we always offer service scheduling that is built around yourscheduling needs.
  • Ongoing solutions: Our routine service structure makes it simple to get the best care throughout the year with monthly, quarterly, and annual scheduling options.
  • EPA compliance: We maintain strict EPA compliance in every aspect of our pressure washing service, from wastewater recovery to products used.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: No service is complete unless our clients are 100% satisfied with the results – and that’s a promise.

Your concrete surfaces should elevate your property. With large-scale pressure washing from Eco Technologies, your exterior will be ready to take your customers anywhere.



ECO Technologies offers professional, experienced commercial concrete cleaning in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, Delaware, and Tennessee.  Our high-tech equipment can remove even the toughest commercial or industrial stains from concrete areas.


High Visibility, Severe surface and subsurface stains. Primarily a multitude of petroleum-based products and other hydrocarbons. Includes other contaminants tracked in on vehicle tires. Heavy traffic 365 days per year.


Level 1 Clean:

Multiple types of equipment, using multiple types products and methods, to quickly and effectively clean surface soiling and stains. High-speed commercial ride-on equipment, such as Eco Technologies can deploy, will accomplish this task; in less time, with significantly better results, than traditional pressure washing alone

Level 2 Clean:

Proprietary method utilizing over 10 different ingredients designed, and demonstrated on-site, to be effective against almost all types of petroleum-based, or modified petroleum based, products as well as paraffin wax. They are also effective on animal and vegetable oils and fats. Our propriety method is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.

Our Concrete Cleaning services are available in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, Delaware, and Tennessee!


Severe Stains - Surface & Subsurface

Level 1 Clean

Surface Stains Removed - Met Expectations - Results will improve over time

After 1 Hour

Subsurface Stains Leach to Surface

Level 2 Clean

Subsurface Stains Addressed - Results will last longer & improve over time

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