Pressure Washing Your Gas Station

Pressure Washing Your Gas Station

For customers, the appearance of a gas station may be the deciding factor when choosing where to stop. Maintaining the appearance of your gas station can be difficult since there is probably not another type of business where customers directly interact with the businesses exterior to such an extreme degree as a gas station. Cars are driving in and out all day, trailing in the dirt and sometimes leaving oil, grease or other fluids behind. Gas Station Pressure WashingAs customers stand at the pump windows are washed, trash is thrown out (sometimes it’s simply dumped out) and a little gas might be spilled. In the face of such a relentless assault, how do you maintain a clean and inviting gas station?

The Right Tool For The Job

The pump island is where most of the action happens at a gas station. It is also where most of the dirt and grime are found. Everything from spilled fuel, car oil, transmission fluid, and even this morning’s coffee can be found on the concrete there. Due to the composition of these stains, it’s important to remove them for safety reasons. However, after being baked in the sun all day it’s obvious that a bottle of window cleaner and some paper towels aren’t going to do the trick! Tough stains need tough cleaning. Pressure washing can include a variety of techniques such as steam cleaning and scrubbing as well as traditional pressurized cleaning all aimed at removing these stains and leaving a clean and inviting island!

Make It A Habit

Because of the high volume of traffic, these surfaces receive each and every day, gas stations tend to get dirty very rapidly. To maintain the safety and appearance of your gas station it is best to have a regularly scheduled program of cleaning. This will ensure that deposits and stains do not become a hazard and will demonstrate to your customers that you are dedicated to providing them with a positive experience! At Eco Technologies we offer a wide variety of specialized cleaning services for gas stations all done in an environmentally friendly way. Contact Eco Technologies for your estimate today! (757) 619-2823

Eco Technologies offers the following services to gas station owners:

  • Environmentally friendly gas station parking lot pressure washing & scrubbing
  • Drain cleaning & debris removal
  • Sidewalk and exterior pressure washing & steam cleaning
  • Canopy cleaning & pressure washing
  • Canopy light bulb replacement and lens cleaning
  • Major I.D. Sign cleaning
  • Clean and degrease pump; hoses, fittings & nozzles.
  • Steam cleaning the raised area of the pump island and the curb. This requires that we temporarily close off one pump island at a time and protect the pump from water penetration.
  • Retouch curb paint or total sanding and repainting of entire pump island curb.
  • Pressure wash trash receptacles.