Pressure Washing – Environmental Concerns in Coastal Virginia

Pressure Washing – Environmental Concerns in Coastal Virginia

Water Reclamation – The EPA Standard

Water reclamation has become a big issue these days. Everyone understands that what we let into our waterways will have a lasting effect on our environment. For your average pressure washer, this can bring on a new level of added frustration and confusion concerning what is deemed a threat to our waterways, which chemicals are allowed into the sewer system and what needs contained, neutralized and controlled or disposed of in a proper facility?  Although the EPA does regulate the disposal of chemicals, sadly some pressure washers choose to ignore these laws that are getting enforced more and more. This puts not only themselves and the environment at risk. It also puts your business at risk. Current EPA laws do allow for fines being levied against a business where pressure washing is being performed if it is contrary to EPA standards.

Your Environment, Our Concern

At Eco Technologies, protecting the environment of the areas we serve – Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia – is our prime concern. We have perfected the use of wastewater recovery systems and ensure that, when we pressure wash your property, not one ounce of chemical makes its way into our precious waterways. We don’t believe in power washing man-made objects just to pollute what nature made. Call Eco Technologies today at (757) 619-2823 and experience a whole new way to pressure wash your property!

Eco Technologies also serves the following types of commercial property:

  • Gas Station Pressure Washing
  • Parking Lot Pressure Washing
  • Warehouse Pressure washing
  • Restaurant Pressure Washing
  • Automotive Service Center Pressure Washing
  • Car Wash Pressure Washing
  • Shopping Center Pressure Washing