Preparing for Spring!

Preparing for Spring!

Spring Showers

As the winter weather begins to fade, many homeowners and renters in Virginia and surrounding areas turn their attention to interior spring cleaning to organize and clear out dust and dirt.

Yet, many forget that cleaning a home’s exterior is equally important.

Home Maintenance

With the storms and cold weather of winter passing, a home can have a lot of unseen damage that general cleaning and a thorough exterior house wash will reveal. Without cleaning, you might miss loose or missing shingles, holes, rot, and other home maintenance issues. Additionally, if you don’t remove debris clogging certain areas, such as fascia, downspouts, and gutters, springtime showers can cause new damage.

Exterior Appearance

Besides cleaning for home maintenance reasons, washing your home’s exterior can improve its overall appearance at the same time that trees and flowers, and the rest of nature, is doing the same. A bright, vibrant clean exterior complements the season whether your home’s paint or siding is white or another color. Additionally, improve how people judge the care you take with your home, as its exterior is as important as its interior when family and friends visit.

Mood Enhancement

Many people are afflicted with Seasonal Effective Disorder or light fatigue in winter. Cleaning your home’s exterior can give you the same emotional boost that cleaning the interior provides and help you fight off negative or depressing feelings. It can also give you a sense of accomplishment and renewal. Additionally, if you’ve thought about painting your home, washing the exterior provides a fresh canvas on which you can allow your creativity to run free.

So, pull out your garden hose, power washer, cleaning solutions and brushes and get to work. Now is the perfect time to prepare for spring!