Keeping a Clean Gas Station

Keeping a Clean Gas Station

A gas station is a necessary business in almost every neighborhood, especially near freeways. Show your customers that you appreciate them with a clean facility. From sanitary bathrooms to clear gas pump displays, customers usually return to stations that maintain a fresh look.

Trash Pickup

Take time out as an employee and pick up trash outside. As customers gas up, they may drop wrappers or other debris. To encourage proper trash habits, position trash receptacles near the pumps for easy access during gas pumping. Keep the gas pumps clear of trash for a polished appearance.

Graffiti Cleanup

Unsavory characters may harm your gas station’s appearance overnight with unsightly graffiti. Remove the lettering promptly to avoid alienating customers. Graffiti is naturally associated with crime, making customers wary about stopping at a facility with obvious tagging on walls or windows. A clean gas station drives customers to visit the pump and food market for higher profits.

Pressure Washing

Keep the concrete surrounding the gas pumps clean with pressure washing by ECO technologies. Using eco-friendly strategies, ECO technologies removes pesky ground stains while maintaining a safe environment. Any spilled gasoline harbors potential for danger.

Take a look at your cleanliness options today. Consider pressure washing on a regular basis, along with periodic bathroom checks to keep toilet paper and paper towels in ample supply. An employee or owner that cares for a station shows respect and professionalism. Keeping a Clean Gas StationCustomers appreciate these details as they return each week for a fill-up.