Eco Technologies Commercial Concrete Washing

Eco Technologies Commercial Concrete Washing

As business owners, you know how critical your concrete surfaces are to your corporate image – and that’s why commercial concrete washing services from Eco Technologies are so important.

From sidewalks and driveways to warehouse floors, concrete is everywhere on commercial surfaces; it’s also one of the surfaces that get used the most and get the dirtiest! From shoe prints to work scraps to old liquids and even gum, concrete can quickly get to be an eyesore for your business. Traditional scrubbing only has limited success with the porous concrete surface – so what should companies do?

The answer is commercial concrete pressure washing from Eco Technologies. We use just the right amount of pressure to dislodge even the most ingrained dirt in the concrete, washing it away and leaving a completely clean and visibility brighter surface underneath. It’s an excellent way to deliver a favorable look to your clients, prospects, and employees interested in your services! It’s perfect for any type of commercial structure, including gas stations, parking lots, warehouses, restaurants, automotive service centers, car washes, shopping centers, and much more.

Eco Technologies is proud to service commercial, governmental, and municipal accounts throughout Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, the District of Columbia, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Our unique specialty services provide environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance services to all types of locations – including superstructures, navy yards, bus stops, tunnels, bridges, and much more.

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