Bridge Cleaning

Bridge Cleaning

The road ahead is just a little bit smoother with Eco Technologies. Our team is proud to support the transportation system with our full suite of cleaning services. With bridge cleaning, you can count on your travelers making a safe, accessible, and successful journey ahead.

Lay the Foundation for Successful Transit

Bridges are one of the most critical parts of any transit maintenance plan. They’re not just high-traffic - they’re constantly exposed to the elements, and it can take its toll on their accessibility, their durability, and their safety.

Eco Technologies has the answer. We use industrial-grade pressure washing technology to pave a clean pathway for your bridge. This customized approach utilizes::

  • Powerful pressure washing technology designed to clean the toughest surfaces. The result: a safe and clean surface to make transit seamless..
  • Hot water pressure washing to remove every level of buildup from your bridge system. From grease to dirt to other debris, we have the capability to clean it all.
  • Superior cleaning technology designed to break down even the toughest debris. Every client is different - but our top quality guarantee remains consistent.
  • Expert technicians who have years on training in large-scale projects. We meet your needs effectively, safely, and efficiently.

A Better Bridge Cleaning Experience

The cleaning needs of your bridge should always be in good hands. With Eco Technologies, you can count on keeping your space code compliant, safe, and on track for success all year long.

This is why we offer a completely customizable service that is designed around the needs of your bridge. With our team, you can expect the following norms:

  • Easy scheduling: We don’t want to slow you down. That’s why we always schedule service during your slowest hours to minimize disruption to your transportation system.
  • Repeat service: You need a seamless bridge system all year long. We offer monthly, quarterly, annually, and tailored schedules to keep you on track.
  • EPA compliance: Every bridge cleaning service uses a top grade wastewater recovery system, biodegradable cleaning products, and a rigid compliance system that will always keep you in the green.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We promise that you will be satisfied with our work - or our job isn’t done. 

A bridge should pave the path for seamless transportation. With routine bridge cleaning service from Eco Technologies, your travelers will be ready to go anywhere.