Specialized Services

Customized/Specialized Services

Eco Technologies delivers customized cleaning solutions to government and industry.  Our customers have hundreds of locations in different cities that require our specialized solutions to efficiently accomplish their goals.  From working with trash cans that wirelessly report their status, to cleaning locations multiple times per day, we can design a program that meets your individual needs.

We're proud to offer large-scale solutions that meet the needs of our clients. If you manage multiple properties and need detail-oriented solutions for each one, then Eco Technologies is the team for you.

Flexibility that Delivers Quality Results

We partner with a diverse range of industries to fulfill contracts that include:

  • Highway tunnel & bridge cleaning
  • Bus shelter cleaning.
  • Trash removal services.
  • Light rail station cleaning.
  • Conveyer belt cleaning.
  • Dry ice blasting
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Parking lot/garage sweeping
  • Parking garage washing.

Scalability that Meets Project Needs

With some of the largest cleaning equipment in the country, Eco Technologies has the capacity to address projects of all sizes. City governments, companies, and large properties rely on us to handle their specialized needs because we can do it efficiently, reliably, and consistently.  Our entire fleet of vehicles is equipped with GPS tracking and onboard webcams for the ultimate in job verification and accountability.

Efficiency that Aligns with Your Schedule

Our Clients are often facing tight timetables. We offer the flexibility to implement services on your schedule, any time any day in any weather.

Environmental Compliance that Meets Regulations

We stay true to our name. Eco Technologies has the training, equipment upgrades, and specialized approach to stay on the cutting edge of environmental compliance. Eco Technologies brings streamlined solutions to your specialized needs.  We truly are "Your Greener Pressure Cleaner."

Contact us today to discover how we can design a specialized program to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Infrastructure Services

Our Wastewater Recovery System

September 29, 2017

We believe that our clients deserve the best-specialized cleaning services. And we believe that great service encompasses a few core components: Total scalability to meet your needs Convenient, reliable solutions Environmental compliance And that’s why we embed a few important practices in every service, whether you’re receiving warehouse cleaning or tunnel cleaning, parking garage cleaning or pressure washing. And one of them is wastewater recovery. What is wastewater recovery? This term describes a system where all…

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Commercial Pressure Washing VA, MD, NC, KY, TN, DC, WV

Tunnel Cleaning: Our Process

September 22, 2017

We clean big stuff. It’s more than our motto – it’s our passion. And tunnel cleaning keeps thousands of drivers on-the-go, every single day. Expert Service, Superior Results We prioritize safety. We offer scalability. And we deliver results that comply with the important standards that keep our transportation systems secure. Every tunnel cleaning service offers: Scalability: Our team is equipped with North America’s largest pressure washing and power washing equipment. This means that tunnel washing isn’t…

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Warehouse Cleaning VA, MD, NC, KY, TN, DC, WV

Warehouse Cleaning Solutions

August 31, 2017

Inventory is precious cargo. And the place where that inventory life is precious by extension. Eco Technologies protects this vital part of your business with complete warehouse cleaning solutions. A stable, clean, and code-compliant space to help your business succeed is vital. And our team is here to bring that result to you. Warehouse Cleaning: Our Process Every warehouse is different, and we amend our service to fit the needs of your property. But our…

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Cleaning Your Warehouse with a Rigorous Approach (and A Gentle Touch)

Cleaning Your Warehouse with a Rigorous Approach (and A Gentle Touch)

March 5, 2014

Your warehouse building is delicate. Cavernous Space It might not seem to be first – the cavernous space, the heavy machinery, and the extensive inventory all come across as distinctly industrial. But think about it this way. Your “heavy machinery” is also expensive and sensitive. Your “extensive inventory” is also valuable and vital. Your “cavernous space” contains many of the elements that make your business thrive. Special Care As such, it deserves special care. Most…

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Eco Technologies: Keeping Your Warehouse Clean and Green

Eco Technologies: Keeping Your Warehouse Clean and Green

September 27, 2013

Some types of cleaning just do not get the job done, especially in a warehouse. With the mess of tough stains that can accumulate on floors, loading docks, and walkways, getting a warehouse spick and span can just take too much valuable time away from the workday. Trusting a professional company, specifically Eco Technologies is the best choice. Foremost, Eco-Technologies understands that safety is paramount in any warehouse. Keeping one clean helps keep it safe…

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